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What an amazing milestone! HALEFO held its first-ever election debate this past Sunday, (March 20, 2022). This historical 4-hour event took place at the Queens Borough Hall, in Queens, and was also live-streamed via Zoom.

Read more about this exciting event and view more pictures.


2010 Haiti Earthquake - Remembering our Brothers & Sisters


Twelve years ago today, on January 12, Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake that forever changed the lives of Haitians, back home and abroad. An estimated 200,000 people lost their lives on that fateful day and in the weeks and months thereafter. The trauma and damage caused by the earthquake persists to this day. However, the resilience, faith, hopes and determination of Haitian people have helped us move forward since that horrific day.

Today, Haiti again faces a multitude of challenges -- natural disasters, another recent earthquake, political instability, and insecurity. But, we must never give up on our homeland and its people. We must unite, agree to work together, and always fight to support our "Ayiti Cherie". Our successes and achievements as members of the NYPD, and of HALEFO,
prove that we have much to offer as long as we work together.

Please take some time to remembers the countless lives lost on January 12, 2010.



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